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Mimicking the image of a field of wheat swaying in the wind, perched atop high flexible poles in an incredible style of performing that combines theatre, dance and circus, our artists deliver a mesmerizing performance, bending and swaying high in the air, creating a unique and captivating image that defies the laws of gravity. The poles’ extreme strength and flexibility allow the performers to bow to impossible angles and sway back and forth in a visually captivating dance that is as unique as it is enchanting. The height of the performer is 13 ft. and requires a clear ceiling height of at least 18 ft. for best effect. 


sway hi

sway high

swaying high

sway pole pirate girl
Sway Pole Pirate Girl






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"Wow! You guys really know how to throw a party!
All of us connected with the Colorado Avalanche can't thank you enough for the great job you did orchestrating the celebration at City Hall for our
Stanley Cup Champions "
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