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  Cody Landstrom

Cody Landstrom

Cody Landstrom’s Bio

Cody Landstrom has an extensive background as an entertainer and performer. Cody traveled and performed as a professional musician for over 17 years playing guitar, keyboards and mandolin for every imaginable venue, including several years with USO tours. In 1987 he teamed up with Eric Mead and the Great Loudini to form "Funny Business," a vaudeville style juggling, magic and comedy show that performed all over the west. On his own since 1989, Cody's performances for corporations, celebrities, and others, have left them laughing and mystified.

Cody combines the skills of comedy magic, astonishing sleight of hand and masterful juggling into a custom tailored performance, designed to fit your program needs. He even works some of the people from your group right into the act adding to the fun for everyone.

Witness the teleporting balls, the knot that jumps, expert lassoing, amazing juggling, stunning mind reading and much, much more. Coins change right in someone's hand; cards melt through a tabletop and reappear in a pocket.

Poker demonstrations, ancient and modern gambling scams and the infamous 3 card monte swindle are all presented with a tongue in cheek, lead-'em-down the-garden path style that will leave the audience stunned, laughing and wanting more.

Cody's performance is suitable for any age, any occasion. Whether it's a small intimate party, a large corporate trade show, cocktail hour walk- around or an after banquet show, experience a memorable time, filled with laughter, mystery, fun and audience participation.

Cody Landstrom

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