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  Danny Archer

Danny Archer
Danny Archer
Corporate Conjurer

Want to leave your audience with a strong, lasting impression?
Any event or meeting, can be strengthened using live entertainment. By incorporating visual magic, theatrical techniques and comedy, Danny enlivens any standard presentation. Sales meetings, training sessions, seminars and product demonstrations can benefit from the interactive relationship created by an entertainment program. Danny has used his skills in a variety of settings to educate, train, clarify and impart his client’s sales and marketing ideas.

Get your message across and capture your audience’s attention.
Use Danny Archer’s creative, customized corporate presentation. His engaging personality and performances have proven effective for companies in all fields of industry and commerce. Link your program with Danny Archer’s high-energy performance, for an unforgettable message that will be remembered by your audience.

It’s his business to get your business message across.
He uses his skill, knowledge and experience to design a program that communicates his client’s message, ideas and goals. Presented in an interactive, entertaining style, your audience can’t help but be swept up in the magic of your message. Perfect for your next banquet, sales meeting, golf outing, trade show or luncheon. Make your event stand out in the minds of your employees and guests by using Danny Archer.

Or, forget about business and enjoy Danny’s act at a social event.
Danny offers both sleight of hand strolling entertainment and his laugh-filled, interactive stand-up show. Performing as himself, or as one of his colorful characters like Gino Mozzarella or the Psychedelic Psychic, your guest will be amazed and amused by this polished entertainer.

He has performed his special brand of comedy and magic in forty- three US states and fourteen foreign countries. Danny Archer and his magic have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Denver Business Journal and the Rocky Mountain News.

Danny Archer
Danny Archer as Gino Mozzarella.

And Poof! It's a Moneymaker By Eleena De Lisser, Wall Street Journal article

Part of a series on creative ways entrepreneurs do business
Entrepreneur: Danny Archer
Title: Corporate Conjurer
Business: Danny Archer Magic, Denver

What he does:
He performs customized magic tricks at corporate meetings and seminars to drive home a business concept like teamwork, cost-cutting, or boosting sales. "Companies want to have an exciting meeting and they want people to remember what they've seen," says Mr. Archer. "Using a live entertainer works, especially when you can link the magic to their message."

For Valu-Pak, the coupon company, he does a trick that turns paper coupons into real $5 bills. Of course he won't say how. Many of his tricks involve "mind reading" and "mentalism," as he explains it; they confuse one's brain and eyesight.

How he got into it:
A former computer salesman, Mr. Archer started using magic as an icebreaker with clients. "It was getting results," he says. After suffering a heart attack at age 39, Mr. Archer quit and devoted himself to being a magician full time. That was five years ago. "To go and do tricks was a tough leap to make," he says. "I created a magic trick that I sold, called the Eye Exam. It's a card trick. You show four cards, one at a time, and all the backs change to red. It's a very visual trick and eye-popping."

No top hat and tails:
Mr. Archer blends into the scenery by wearing a business suit. His prop case is actually a small suitcase. And no, he doesn't travel with doves, rabbits or any other live cargo. At business meetings, he generally isn't presented as a magician but as a sales, marketing or financial whiz. "I'm usually introduced as an expert or executive from outside the region. If it's the West Coast, I'm from the East Coast. If it's the East Coast, I'm from the West."

Hold that tiger!
He once got a request from a computer company to do a trick with a tiger as the centerpiece. The jungle cat was to represent speed and agility, two attributes the company wanted to confer on a new product it was launching. Upon consideration, the client got cold feet, deciding it didn't want to spend the money, at least $6,000, to rent a real-life specimen for its button-down meeting. So Mr. Archer improvised. He bought a toy tiger and made it appear from a small box. "It still got the impact," Mr. Archer gloats. "And they saved thousands of dollars."

Strangest "trick" he's been asked to perform:
A pseudo mass firing at a company dinner. The president of the company introduced the Corporate Conjurer as his replacement. Mr. Archer proceeded to talk about how "nobody’s job is safe." "One guy's knees buckled," Mr. Archer says. "Another guy caught him and helped him into a chair." Sounds sadistic, but Mr. Archer says the president got across his message of not resting on your laurels.

Have wand will travel:
Although based in Denver, Mr. Archer spends most of his time on the road lecturing to other magicians and performing in front of business groups. He is currently on a seven-week tour in California and the United Kingdom. He did about 50 corporate meetings last year. His daily rate is a minimum $1,000 plus expenses.

Biggest misconception about magicians:
That they all aspire to perform in Las Vegas dressed in black spandex. "People don't realize the opportunities to use a magician in a corporate setting." So please, don't bother trying to get him to perform at your kid's 10th-birthday party. Little known fact about him: Archer is a stage name. "It keeps me in the A's when things go alphabetically." Even his two young children call him by his stage name. "When I've got my suit on, the kids say 'Break a leg, Danny Archer!' "


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