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  Faith O’Halloran

Faith O Halloran
The Many Faces of Faith

Faith O’Halloran
Comedy Interactive Characters

- Quick List -


Jan Brady, Brady Bunch
“Unsinkable” Molly Brown, One Woman Show
Eliza Doolittle, My Fair Lady
Judy Garland, Wizard of Oz, or Broadway
Ginger on Gilligan’s Island
Peggy Lee, Jazz Club Act
Marilyn Monroe, Song & Dance Show, Stand-up
Annie Oakley, Full Story in Stand-up
Jessica Rabbit, Night Club Act


Annaleise “Ida Loveta” German Polly Girl (Big Alpines); some German
Tina Turner, Daughter of Ted Turner
Miss Lily White, Old West Madam or bar girl, fishnets, feathers (May West)
Tara Lint, Rich Lady from Louisiana, or Texas, with velvet, lame, Rolex
Caylin McNugie, Scottish Lass with basket of heather, poetic limericks
Nymphie from Planet Lud, Robot with space voice
Fee Fee La’ More, French flirtatious – Fluent French, with bows & poodle
Buffy Miller, Athletic pre-teen, Olympic Garb, very spunky
Penelope Penrose, Damsel in dis-dress, ringlets and “Help! Help!”
Taudie the Gangster Girl, New York, Great Gatsby, great airhead voice
Gertrude Rose Peppernickel, Old gal, country club voice, funny clothes
Violet Ann Worth-a-ton, Southern rich lady, Gone With The Wind
Barbara Ann Virginowsky, 50’s dork with matching voice
Princess Alysandra, Lovely princess in icy pink
Maggie O’Brian, Irish lass with song, dance and stories – Tough
Sissy Spacecase, Clumsy girl at ball, in tooled gown, funny glasses
Scarlett O’Tara, 40’s Movie Star; very coiffed
Farah Fancy, Las Vegas, Zigfled girl in feathers, tiny voice & outfit
Sadie Verclepinshtein, Jewish girl, awkward fashion disaster, looking for love
Christmas Princess Belle, Old English, burgundy gown, pears, stories
Anska Dayka, Swiss Miss wind-up doll with big key, painted face and fun
Briggy Dundee, Australian outback girl with Koala “Garoo”

Faith O’Halloran
Comedy Interactive Characters
All Costumes Included

Talent Menu:

Marilyn Monroe
More Marilyn than Marilyn, complete with diamonds, great legs and mole. A positively “dreamy” look-alike! Fabulous stand-up comedy, perfect impersonation, plus audience interactive flirting, and show songs right from her movies, with a little “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” on top. She sings. She dances. Her dress even blows up with a twirl, or a little help from her adoring fans!

Annaleise “Ida Love-ta”
“But you can call me, Ida Love-ta!” Very Polly Girl, German accent, complete garb with braids, flowered wreath, alpine horn “Rrrree-cola,” “Big Alpines,” German dance, yodels, toasts and comedy for a song, no prayer. “Gooden-toch, Heir Handsome!”

Tina Turner
Air-head, illegitimate daughter of The Ted Turner, “Daddy doesn’t want anyone to know, but I think you can keep a secret!” Complete with stand up in fancy dress, fat wallet, lame’ gold purse and shoes. How ‘bout a little dab of pretentious up-talk, Cindy Crawford, Valley or L.A. Girl Style, on the side!

Gertrude Rose Peppernickel
A funny, quirky old gal, rather plump and fuddy duddy. With love for everyone, she tells her stories, blows her nose, using a Kleenex tucked in her sleeve, and adjusts her spectacles, taking double-takes through these hideous lenses of every handsome man she sees. Okay, every guy she sees. Fancies herself as real man’s lady. How about getting lots of advice with a little “shtick!”

Violet Ann Worth-a-ton
This Southern bell with gorgeous taffeta gown, proper white gloves, parasol, conversing about Colonel Westley, the pangs of being a landowner and having to order around all the servants. Blows in with a drawl and freshly chilled Mint Julip, then is gone with the wind!

Barbara Ann Virginowsky
You’re in the fifties with this little wall-flower. Even though she talks and walks like a dork, under those horn-rimmed glasses and dowdy skirt, is a hot tamale! You’ll have a crush on this dish as she rips up the dance floor. If she were a streetcar, she’d be named desperate!

Princess Alysandra
It’s very Disney. Crown, glass slippers, jewels and Cinderella dress in icy pink. Wonderful storytelling, and when you’d least expect it, a magical break into improvisational song. Lots of comedy with platitudes. Always very busy with that royal scepter! A child’s dream, right from the screen of an animation flick. She can also be served funny or extra spicy for adults with daring taste buds!

Nymphie from Planet Lud
A martian served in attractive silver lame’ and head gear. Complete with martian voice, misuse of English, and interest in unfamiliar earth implements. She has a comedic style that is out of this world!

Fee Fee la’ More
Comes with “fru fru” dress, fluffy teacup poodle, and “sa vois fare,” served with fluent French and comedic English interpretation; lots of flirtatious overtones. It’s a “dangerous liaison” for the very fun, romantic party. Renaissance, or modern day.

Buffy Miller
She’s perfect for the athletic motif, sporting a hysterical “Carrie Strug” little girl voice, complete with Olympic Leotard and slippers, served with a bun. How about some verbal and very physical gymnastics while basketball dribbling. Are you?

Penelope Penrose
Damsel in dis-dress with lacy pantaloons, ringlets, wet hankie and in need of “Help! Help!” She’ll steal hearts and have you tied up in stitches, but you won’t mind, with all that melodramatic flavor! Are those eyelashes real? (Railroad track not included.)

“Taudie,” Da Gagster Girl
Taps in with baby-Jersey talk, like an old speak-easy. “gee Boss, you’re swell!” Thinks dating a gangster boss will make mother proud! So he carries around a violin case – He likes Symphony! Fun, fringe and feathers.

Judy Garland
This one’s over the rainbow, featuring perfect impersonation, song & tap dance in top hat and cane, or as Dorothy with ruby slippers, jumper, little dog Todo, (includes Todo impression), with stand-up and impressions of all the characters’ voices and lines in The Wizard of Oz. “Have you seen Todo!”

Miss Lily” (White)
Very western. Comes with boa, fishnet hose, lots of skin, ringlets, fuchsia and feathers. She holds a cigar (not lit, cause she’s trying to quit). She’ll be taking applications for employment from the women a little later. Recognizes some of the guys that have stopped by her place. She’s in the “entertainment” business. Sassy!

Tara Lint
As in brush. She’s southern. A rich trust baby, with lots of class and maybe a little glitter, sporting an Ivana Trump hairdo and of course, a Rolex. A curvy dish with lots of flirt, name dropping and shameless compliments on a bed of humor. “Like My Daddy always used to say, ‘A bird in hand is better than two in the bush, without hands!’”

Caylin McNugie
Scottish lass with freckles, Gaelic accent, braided buns, kilt or puffy dress, basket of heather no long on the hill and you’re in the clover. It’s whimsical, with comedy in poetic rhyme, (even though this doesn’t) and never “bogged down” will you be. This little “lock” ness is anything but a monster! Is she doing ballet or is it her “jigs up”?

Anska Dayka
A lovely “Swiss Miss” wind-up-key doll. With painted face, gig key and a tasty fare of chocolate-coated comedy, she’ll crank all around, yet gleefully let you know that “It takes a lot of intelligence to act this stupid!” She’ll be mountains of fun with “ Big Peaks” of nutty humor!

Briggy Dundee
A zesty Aussie in khaki dungarees, “Indiana Jones” hat, with a nice “Good-Day, Mate” on the side. You’ll hear great tales of travelin’ in “The Outback” with her Koala, Garoo, (that’s attached to her leg), facing the crock! “Lets put another shrimp on the barby, aye!”

“Ginger” on Gilligan’s Island
“Oh, Gilligan!” A real star in her long, sequined, sexy white gown and a proclivity for serving every word with heavy lip-action. Something must be wrong with her eyesight, she thinks every guy is either The Skipper, Gilligan, Mr. Howell or The Professor. There’s nothing that a little soft-talk and an I Want To Be Loved By You song won’t cure. The natives will definitely be restless!

Just a sampler - Will cater to any special order.

Faith’s Lily White character.

Faith as Marilyn Monroe.

One of Faith’s characters, Dr. Ima Flutter.

Integrity & Excellence
“You can have perfect vision without glasses!” – Faith’s Proverb

Faith O’Halloran

“The Excellence In Vision Expert”
“An intellectual, comedic genius!” -- Xcel Energy
“A star is born!” -- Shouts her Grandpa
“Faith is screaming funny with impact!” -- Fuller & Company

Featuring Laugh & Learn Seminars & Programs!

Keynote Speeches:
Some of Faith’s funny, power-packed programs include:
Swinging Through The Trees: A Bird’s…
… Eye View of the Corporate Jungle! Mastering Effective Management
The Vine Art of Excellence! Mastering Personal & Professional Excellence
Asking For the Moon But Needing Space! Unlimited Ambition
Taming the Wild Animals! Effective Corporate Jungle Communication
If You Win – We Win!TM Professional Synergy -- Getting It Done Together!

Perfect Vision (Without Glasses!) Developing New Balanced Vision
The Untamed Woman! Tapping Creative Personal Resources
Wild Success With Generous Heart! Great Success Without Losing Heart
Tarzans & Janes Are Endangered Species! Effective Servant Leadership
The Thin Air At The Top! Keeping and Increasing Your Success!

Trailblazing Without A Compass! Entrepreneurial Strategy
Building Your Dreams Without A Hammer! Vision Strategy
Forget Climb the Ladder – Take The Elevator! Excel Your Career Track
Walking On Quicksand! Keeping It Together In Difficult Corporate Climates
Great Talking With You! Mastering Effective Communication

Clients: Coors Brewing Company, United Airlines, Alliance of Professional Women, Xcel Energy, Rocky Mountain Mining Association, Oppenheimer Mutual Funds, Public Service Company, ADDR, US West, Remax, Gannet Broadcasting, Jones Intercable, Entercom, NAWBO National Association of Women in Business, National Christians In Media Conference and Fuller & Company. (Full client list available upon request.)


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